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A Teen Thing.

Most teenage skin blemishes result from hormonal changes causing the sebaceous glands to increase oil production. When oil ducts and skin pores become blocked, annoying white heads and black heads begin to appear. Bacteria grows quickly under clogged pores causing the dreaded acne problem and unsightly areas of inflammation.

We understand the self-consciousness of teenagers and have created special teen skin care facial treatments that will open pores and remove deeply embedded impurities to release elastin and collagen to promote a glowing, more healthy skin. On your first visit, we will analyze your skin to determine the exact customized care that it needs and recommend an at home regimen to sustain your new look.

And yes. We tailor teen facials to both young ladies and young men. We also realize that teenagers have tight budgets. That's why we feature special prices for teens. Read my skincare tips.

Teen Acne Lift Facial. $79
About a 55 minute session.
This facial is for teens (19 and younger) with a serious acne condition. Skin is cleansed with a medical grade, Salicylic- based solution that kills acne causing bacteria. Dead skin cells are exfolitated. An organic anti-oxidant mask is applied targeting blemishes. Botanical serum tones the skin and helps restore pH balance. A micro-ozone steam therapy precedes extractions or spot treatments. A micro-current acne therapy is included. At conclusion, an acne lotion is topically applied to help heal and soothe while fading inflammations. Read about acne products used.

Acne Maintenance Facial. $39
About a 30 minute session.
This is a maintenance acne control facial that you should have twice per month until the acne problem is well under control. Periodic maintenance facials along with an "at-home" regimen will sustain greater results. This facial includes a deep cleansing exfoliation and an acme control lotion. We will recommend products to use at home with instruction.

Add-On Services.
Add about 10 minutes per service.
  • Hand and Feet Reflexology Massage. $10
  • Young lady facial waxing & eye brow shaping. $10
  • Light upper body therapeutic massage. $10