Skin Care In Ahwatukee
Skin Care Facials

Custom Facials

Unveil your utmost facial beauty with personified skin care that will revitalize and restore your skin to a vibrant, more youthful glow. Awaken your inner beauty and expose a new sense of confidence and emotional well-being. A full complement of therapeutic facial and body care treatments customized to the needs of your skin awaits. Choose from a wide variety of skin care treatments that utilize natural botanical and aromatic therapies.

Also see Masks and Peels and Teen Facials.

First Time Visit Consultation.

Although some facials include similar skin cleansing, exfoliation and finishing treatment processes, products used are customized to your specific skin conditions, needs and desires. Prior to choosing a facial, we must analyze your skin condition, consult with you on any medical conditions or possibility of pregnancy.

The Skin Analysis and Consultation is complimentary when you select a facial treatment at the same visit. Allow for about 30 minutes plus the facial time.

Signature Ecstasy Facial. $130
About a 75 minute session.
A pampering facial. A stress release that will send you to green meadows of wildflowers. Facial begins with a Vitamin C anti-oxidation skin cleansing followed by a Vitamin A enzyme skin exfoliation. Then a relaxing therapeutic massage of the face, head, neck, shoulders, upper back and decollete area with herbal and botanical oils to aid in muscle stimulation, increased circulation and tension reduction. The treatment is concluded with replenishment of skin hydration with an anti- oxidant serum.

European Facial. $79
About a 55 minute session.
A deep facial cleansing with a deeper active-based, medical grade skin exfoliation. A facial and head massage to aid tension release and improved circulation follows. A customized facial masque combined of Vitamin C and Seaweed anti-oxidants is applied to repair and extend the life span of skin cells. Its anti- inflammatory properties revitalizes dull skin. While the masque is performing, enjoy an upper-body massage. Our European Facial is designed to rescue dull, aged and environmentally damaged skin.

Anti-Aging Facial. $89
About a 55 minute session.
Specially created for mature skin that shows signs of aging and environmental exposure. A unique blend of gentle alpha hydroxy acids derived from botanicals help diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol tightens the skin and is nourished with a cocktail blend of A, C and F herbal vitamin serums to help protect skin cells from oxidative stress. Restores skin to a smoother, more youthful glow.

Refresher Mini Facial. $45
About a 30 minute session.
Designed for those in a hurry. A lunchtime facial or a refresher "in between" other longer duration, specific facials. A gentle skin cleansing and mild exfoliation followed by the application of a soothing toner and replenishing, moisturizing cream. Your skin is left nourished, refreshed and ready for an active day.

Acne Lift Facial. $99
About a 55 minute session.
A medicated, anti-bacterial facial with a deep therapeutic skin cleansing to open clogged pores that cause comedone and acne followed by a medicated exfoliation. A custom masque is chosen specifically targeting skin blemishes followed by an organic anti- oxidant serum to repair DNA. These botanicals tones the skin, reduces inflammation and restores a natural pH balance. A micro- ozone steam therapy, extractions and a micro-current acne therapy is included.

Acne Protection Facial. $45
About a 30 minute session.
After an Acne Lift Facial, we recommend an every other week prevention facial along with an at home regimen until the acne problem is under control. This is essentially the same as the Acne Lift Facial without the masque, micro-ozone steam, micro-current therapy and extractions. A detoxifying spot masque is applied to existing acne. We will recommend an at home self treatment regimen.

Add-On Services.
Add about 10 minutes per service.
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage. $15
  • Hand and Feet Reflexology Massage. $10
  • Pressure Point Massage. $10
  • Aromatherapy'Essential Oil Botanical Infusion. $15
  • Facial Waxing & Eye Brow Shaping. $10
  • Detoxifying Spot Masking to Acne. $10
  • Micro Current Light Wave Disinfection. $10