Skin Care In Ahwatukee
Mens Skin Care Facials

Men's Facials

Man About Town Facial. $69
About a 50 minute session.
Put your power face forward. Feel relaxed, confident and more handsome. Just like women, men also fight the signs of aging skin and light facial wrinkles. They also have their own unique problem with razor burns, ingrown hairs and extended exposure to environmental conditions. Tranquil Infusion has designed this facial expressively for men.

A deep facial cleansing with an anti-bacterial cleanser and an exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, followed by a detoxifying mask that tightens facial skin and helps open clogged skin pores. While the mask is doing its job, enjoy a light, tension release massage of the neck and shoulder areas. The facial concludes with a vitamin infusion that will leave your skin refreshed, smoother and pH balanced.

We Got Your Back. $79
About a 55 minute session.
A back facial is essentially the same as Man About Town Facial, but applied to your back instead of your face. Same cleansing, exfloliation, and tension massage of your neck and should area. Your back is typically larger than your facial area, so it requires a bit more product application.

Face and Back Combo. $118
About 1 hour and 50 minute session. Schedule both the "Man About Town: and "We Got Your Back" treatments at the same visit and besides saving $30, we will include a complimentary Microdermabrasion of your face and back.

Optional Acne Therapy. $25
Allow an additional 15 minutes.
If active acne is present, a micro-ozone steam therapy will lift acne for extraction or spot masking. A micro-current acne therapy further detoxifies the face. A medical grade acne lotion is topically applied to help heal and soothe the skin while fading inflammation.