Skin Care In Ahwatukee
Skin Care Products

Facial Cleansing Prior
To Exfoliation

Tranquil Infusion Skincare thoroughly cleanses your skin with a pharmaceutical grade alpha-beta solution to remove excess oil (sebum), bacteria and other surface impurities as preconditioning prior to skin exfoliation. Clients may feel a slight tingle but this is normal and will subside.

Key Ingredients.

Glycolic/ Salicylic. Functions as an exfoliator.
Witch Hazel. An astringent for treating oily, impure skin.
Green Tea. A powerful anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial.
Grape Seed. Anti-Oxidant.
Vitamin C. Anti-Oxidant.
Chamomile. Botanical anti-inflammatory. Purifying.
Orange Oil. Essential Oil.